SATURDAY 15 & SUNDAY 16 JUNE 2024! • SATURDAY 15 & SUNDAY 16 JUNE 2024! • 
SATURDAY 15 & SUNDAY 16 JUNE 2024! • SATURDAY 15 & SUNDAY 16 JUNE 2024! • 
Boat Canal Boat Cruise Saturday

The Beautiful Game – Melanin Markets x The Poetry Place Boat

Time: Saturday 15th June 15:35 – 16:15

Location: Boat boarding point between The Lowry and the bridge

For the first time ever, Melanin Markets and The Poetry Place are teaming up to bring you a 40-minute adventure that fuses the eloquence of poetry, with the passion and excitement of football. Get ready for joyous chants, whistles and flags waving high as we celebrate and cheer through the weekend!

Join us as we celebrate Euro 2024 with up tempo verses that echo the spirit of the beautiful game against the backdrop of Manchester’s iconic skyline.

Feel the racing pulse of the city as 3 talented wordsmiths from The Poetry Place weave tales of football glory, while sailing next to landmarks like the legendary Old Trafford stadium.

Don’t miss this unique fusion of art, sport and community.


Melanin Markets, Co-founded and Directed by Bianca Danielle, is a pioneering social impact events company based in Manchester. Dedicated to celebrating UK Black-owned businesses, creatives, and entrepreneurs, they challenge stereotypes and promote Black entrepreneurship in unique venues.

By championing joy, unity, and empowerment, Melanin Markets aims to address socio-economic disparities and foster community empowerment through increased visibility and support of Black businesses and entrepreneurs.

The Poetry Place, Founded by Griot Gabriel, is a premier poetry and spoken word collective. Hosting quarterly nights at Aviva Studios, they showcase both established and emerging poets’ rhythmic and clever creations. Their creative writing workshops in schools and community projects cultivate creativity, critical thinking, and performance skills.