SATURDAY 15 & SUNDAY 16 JUNE 2024! • SATURDAY 15 & SUNDAY 16 JUNE 2024! • 
SATURDAY 15 & SUNDAY 16 JUNE 2024! • SATURDAY 15 & SUNDAY 16 JUNE 2024! • 
Family Quayside Level 1 Sunday Workshop

Macrame Keyring and Coaster Making Workshop by Studio Dawn

Location: Quayside Level 1, inside Flock & Gaggle shop

Time: 10:00 -17:00 on Sunday

Age: 6+

Dive into the world of eco-resin to create your own marbled drinks coaster!

  • Morning: Macrame Keyring Workshop

In this mindful crafting workshop, participants are invited to try a relaxing crafting medium – macrame, which simply put is the art of tying knots! Using their own choice of knots from the ones taught, participants can make a keyring with just a few knots! With variations available for both children and adults, this workshop allows everyone to try their hand at a craft that provides release for the brain by using our hands to create,

  • Afternoon: Marbled Eco-Resin Drinks Coaster Workshop

This workshop enables participants to use eco-resin, an easy-to-use, colourful and tactile two part mixture – when mixed together with colours and poured into a mould, these drinks coasters set solid within 15 minutes and are ready to take home straight away!

This playful, interactive activity allows participants to engage their child-like side; creating for the sake of creativity, letting their individual patterns emerge in their creation, provoking curiosity within the process and providing a sense of pride when the creation is done.