03 & 04 June 2023 Festival programme now live! •  03 & 04 June 2023 Festival programme now live! • 
03 & 04 June 2023 Festival programme now live! •  03 & 04 June 2023 Festival programme now live! • 
MediaCity Weekend Stage Performance - no ticket required Sunday We Play

Lil’ Minx DJ Set

A Lil’ Minx DJ set wears its heart – and its far-ranging influences – on its sleeve and the truth is that the next record could be anything – but it will be the right one for that moment, on that dancefloor.

Location: MediaCity Weekend Stage

Sunday 12:50pm – 1.55pm

Suitable for: All ages, step-free

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It’s really hard to knock out a snappy little promo-biog for this seasoned, Manchester-based selector – otherwise known as Francine Hayfron – because she’s been “minxing” up the dance and the radio for so long there’s just too much I feel I need to tell you.

Let’s start with most recent times – like when she fully owned the Klarna Smooth Sanctuary stage at the inaugural ‘We Out Here’ Festival (Cambridge UK Aug 2019) – reanimating a fully-spent Sunday afternoon crowd in a way that few could copy.

Such abilities can only come from experience and the Lil Minx journey is a lifetime of musical immersion.

Growing up in North West London with the pop of the day alongside her father’s Highlife, Jazz and soul/R&B records – Lil’ Minx took all this goodness to heart, then learnt all the words and all the proper dance moves.

Conveniently coming of age during the UK’s 1990 dance music explosion, the passion only exacerbated. She moved to Manchester and kept on dancing. Dancing lead to DJing and then to radio production – including “The Hot Pot Show” with
Mr Scruff & Treva Whateva (Key103, Samurai FM, Juice FM, Virgin Trains), Electric Souls Sound System with The Unabombers (XFM Manchester & Giant Step NYC Radio) and also working for the highly acclaimed production company Somethin’ Else in London working on shows such as The Essential Mix (BBC Radio 1)